Traditional Chicken Stock


This is Chef Rene’s traditional family recipe. His go to for cold and flu season; “The perfect thing to fight against colds and increase energy.” Chef recommends to drink a cup a day during cold and flu season.

This chicken broth is cooked in a process to extract key nutrients and optimize the health benefits. This results in a full flavoured broth high in collagen, protein and minerals. We use whole organic chickens, traditional organic vegetables and spices with the addition of lemon grass, ginger, turmeric and kefir lime leaves for additional flavours and health benefits.

1 ltr


Pickup & Delivery

Items can be picked up Monday to Saturday at Windmill Bakery, 99 Hanes Road, Huntsville, Ontario (get directions).
We also offer $15 delivery in Muskoka (Thursdays and Saturdays) and the GTA (Wednesdays and Fridays) if you spend over $100.
Minimum two days lead time needed to prepare orders for pickup or delivery.