New chef-crafted menus every week

Our weekly menus draw on our Chef’s cultural background, world travels and current inspirations. The meals showcase fresh, high quality ingredients from trusted suppliers, with a preference for local whenever possible, prepared simply, putting flavour front and centre.

Each delivery includes:

Two three-course dinners with a main protein dish accompanied by one or two salads, a vegetable side and dessert option, and a brunch spread.

Sample Weekly Menu

First Dinner

Top quality beef tenderloin, grilled and seared, ready to be warmed and topped with a fresh chimichurri*

Wild rice salad with a medley of fresh vegetables and a balsamic vinaigrette

Chef’s selection of grilled vegetables

Roasted new potatoes with rosemary, olive oil and Italian sea salt

Mixed fresh berries with a maple syrup and lime dressing

Second Dinner

Wild caught salmon, cured and baked ready to be eaten cold or warmed and served with a creamy dill and caper sauce*

Quinoa salad with lentils, red peppers, barberries and mango, topped with an olive oil and sesame dressing

Medley of broccoli, red onion and diced sweet potato tossed in olive oil

Selection of French cheeses paired with a strawberry and elderberry jam with fresh grapes.


Montreal style bagels

Selection of fresh sliced cucumber, tomato, red onions, capers and sprouts

Farm fresh hard boiled eggs

Freshly made danish, rich enough to be shared

Caprese salad

A specialty fruit bread served with butter and confiteor

*Instructions will be provided for all dishes that require finishing or cooking.

Just choose your options and leave the rest to us

Each delivery includes two dinners and a brunch for your weekend. Some dishes are ready to serve, others just need to be warmed and some require your finishing touch on the barbecue, stove or oven. Currently serving Muskoka and select areas of the GTA.

Weekend Box

2, 3-course dinners + brunch for 4–5 people


Extra Helpings

Add additional servings of the same great meals.


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